ABU DHABI, Dubai – Working out is not only for young women or athletes. Soon-to-be moms are rocking some of the top prenatal classes for fitness, and it includes intense work-outs. If you’re an aspiring mom in your prenatal stage, it’s the best time to maintain your fitness by these work-outs.

Active Mama Workout is a class that will inspire you to take care of and love your body before your pregnancy journey. A trainer named Maila is one of the head coaches, and she’s a trainer in Fighting Fit DXB, a reality television show. In this class, you’ll learn about the significance of postnatal and pre activities, which the trainer knew based on her experience as a mom. Maila focuses on abdominal breathing, and it also includes constructing foundations for the postnatal and pregnancy journey.

Another class for pregnant women is pilates, which is best for posture. Real Pilates offer fitness classes, which will improve your posture and lower and upper body strength. It will also retain your stability and assist you in reducing back pain. It’s the best thing for every pregnant woman’s journey. The prenatal pilates, which is on a mat, is recommendable, and it’s best for strength-building, keeping the right posture, and easing back-pain throughout your pregnancy.

Top Fitness Classes for Women in Prenatal Include Pilates and Yoga 1

Aside from pilates, yoga classes are also practical fitness activities for pregnant women. Zen Yoga provides 10 prenatal yoga, and it comes with pilates every week on any of its branches. You’ll find many opportunities to unwind, stretch, and take some time for your bump. These classes are gentle, and you’ll do these in a studio. Online courses are also options.

Cycling or spinning may seem like a tiring activity, especially for pregnant women. However, it’s one of the low-impact exercises. At Crank, you’ll enjoy every class because it has motivational trainers and inspiring music. It’s also providing strict precautions for students for safety against the COVD-19. Regardless of whether you have a background in spinning or a newbie, trainers will help you tailor your exercise. You can have a different setup that will fit your condition. Another thing is that it’s best to wear any health monitoring device, like FitBit or Apple Watch, to keep track of your heart rate and activity.

Pregnant women can also do CrossFit exercises, and The Fit Midwife offers classes to guide you on prenatal work-outs. Nikki, the trainer, operates both prenatal and postnatal activities. You can enjoy a one-on-one session if you want more multipart situations that have something to do with midwifery. Every mother has their square for training, along with the work-out equipment. With Nikki’s expertise, you can enjoy every session.

If you want a water-type of activity, Aquabumps can assist you further. It’s a safe work-out to keep your body active while you’re on your pregnancy journey. It’s an effective way to ease your body’s tension, along with pains. Swimming is also another option you can consider. As your body stays in the water, you obtain resistance, and it tests your muscles as it supports your bump and you. Some of the trainers are Claudia and Francesca, and they can assist your further in your classes.