OLATHE, Kansas- Garmin ® International, Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd. (NASDAQ: GRMN) has announced that their Garmin Connect ™ app with a compatible Garmin smartwatch can now give pregnancy tracking features. Women can log their pregnancy-related symptoms and baby movement. This feature is created for women by women.

Users can log in customizable reminders and receive nutrition tips for overall health and fitness care. Women can also log in their monthly periods for their menstrual cycle tracking. Garmin has made this product and its features to help women through any phase of their life.

The pregnancy tracking feature has been happily announced recently by Garmin to offer features that will make your routines more controlled and on schedule. Key features for this Garmin app include the inputting of the baby’s due date to track the progress of the baby’s timeline and give nutritional recommendations on the best fruits and vegetables for every period of the baby’s growth.

Fitness performance will fluctuate upon pregnancy, and you can monitor and change your heart rate metrics, hydration, and even pause your training completely. Educational tips and what to expect during your months of pregnancy will be provided as well.

A summary can be generated for your logs, which will be useful on check-ups as your doctor can be given detailed information on you and your baby’s stats. They advise users to connect their compatible smartwatch to their Pregnancy Tracking Connect IQ ™ app to maximize their pregnancy tracking features. The Contraction Timer Connect IQ app also lets moms and her labour partner track the duration and frequency of labour contractions, which might be useful as well.

Garmin Introduces Pregnancy Tracking Features for Women 1

Garmin has received positive feedback for their previously released menstrual tracking app, which means women are looking for technological opportunities that will help them improve their health and fitness. Garmin hopes that their newly released pregnancy tracking app will be appreciated and help women sense how their pregnancy also ties with their active lifestyles and overall well-being.

For women who have been maintaining an exercise regimen during their pregnancy, they can conveniently pause their training status as their stats may fall due to a natural increase in heart rate and blood sugar volume that comes with pregnancy. They can also enable heart rate alerts that fall in the range of their doctor’s recommendation. Lastly, they can also adjust their hydration goals, as this might change during their pregnancy period.

This pregnancy tracking feature can be activated from the Garmin Connect app on a compatible smartphone within their menstrual tracking feature that conveniently switches to a pregnancy tracking feature for smooth monitoring of women’s wellness in every period of their life.

Garmin’s offered features are available for much of their best-selling wearables such as Venu ®, vívoactive ®, Forerunner ® and fēnix ® series through their Connect IQ store. Their pregnancy tracking features are also available for the vívomove ® series through the Women’s Health tracking widget, which is quite easy to set up.

The Garmin Connect is a fitness community that will allow users to track their everyday fitness activity, progress, and goals, where you can complete challenges, and join online competitions to give extra motivation for your fitness goals.

Truly, Garmin has revolutionized the fitness and wellness industry, and they continue in innovating technology and new systems for a more improved lifestyle for people, especially for the women.