Whether you’re new to the gym or a seasoned trainer, it’s important to understand common
injuries when training. Here, are some common weight training injuries and how to avoid

COMMON INJURIES: Rotator cuff/shoulder problems, lower back pain (including disc injury) and knee pain. Many weight training injuries come from having inadequate postural control to support the muscles being trained, placing further strain on the joints and structures around them.

PREVENTION: Learn and practise correct technique, resist lifting more than your body is ready for and persisting despite fatigue. Lifting weights that are too heavy places muscles and joints under significantly more strain and increases the intra-abdominal pressure that can lead to hernia and disc problems and can strain the heart, particularly if you hold your breath and strain. If you feel pain, try smaller weights and focus on technique. Vary the type of exercise and the body area that you work on to get an all-round workout across the week. Seek expert counsel from a strength and conditioning coach for a safe, effective way to overload and progresss. Less obvious injury prevention is nutrition, which needs to support preparation and recovery as strength gains come from what we feed the body.