Do you fall short when it comes to your daily water intake? Here are three tips from
nutritionist Samantha Gemmell that’ll make drinking water a little bit easier.

3 ways to drink more water

1. Change it up: if you don’t love the taste of plain water, embrace other high-fluid liquids such as iced herbal teas or sparkling mineral water. I love muddling fresh berries into sparkling water, or a glass of iced cacao tea to wake me up in the morning.

2. Include higher-water foods: they’re plentiful in summer. Dig into some fresh watermelon after a workout or make your own fruit and vegie juice icy poles.

3. This for that: don’t forget that caffeine and alcohol cause you to excrete more water, so either reduce your intake over the hotter months or make sure you consume a cup of water for every coffee or alcoholic drink you consume.