Spending hours on Zoom calls isn’t exactly the best for your back, so get out that old yoga mat! Here are exercises that will ease that horrid muscle tension and help you get back on track! We also recommended consulting your physiotherapist if you have any concerns about workout options to suit your needs.

Since working from home has become the new norm for most of us, the team at Peak Motion Physiotherapy believes it’s important to have an exercise routine in place to stay in shape! 


Get Creative With What’s Around You!

Not only are these exercises convenient within your home office, but physios recommend these for maximum productivity throughout your workday. 

Make sure your desk is sturdy enough for your body weight, then experiment with some desk push-ups! Place your hands more than a shoulder-length apart, then lower yourself down slowly, repeating the process 20 times or until you feel that burn! You can also go with wall pushups or chair squats; the options are endless if you’re creative enough.

Stretch, Stretch, and Stretch! 

If you spend a lot of your day typing away at your laptop, you should always take a break and stretch your lower back muscles. This will make sure you don’t cause damage in the long term. It sounds like an amusing name, but the Cat and Cow exercise is perfect for this!

Start off by putting your wrists under your shoulders and knees under your hips to start feeling the magic! Have your back flat and flex your core. Next, arch your back and begin to lift your head and tailbone; you’ve officially become the cow!

For the cat position, pull your chin into your chest, and round your spine upwards while breathing slowly in and out. Repeat this until you feel rejuvenated, then you’re ready to keep working!

Stability Balls Are The Way To Go!

Working from home can take a toll on the body over long periods of time. Not only do stability ball exercises increase muscle activity, but physios believe they are ideal for getting back into shape post-injury! 


If you’re struggling with lower back pain, try out the lower back stretch. Lay back on the ball while slowly extending your feet out, rolling your back over the shape of the ball, and stretching your arms above your head. By now you should be feeling great!


You can also try the hamstring curl! Lay your arms flat on both sides, lifting your torso and lowering your calves onto the ball. Use your feet to pull the ball and bring your knees towards your hips, holding the position and then repeating. Feel free to use the stability ball as a chair replacement during your work day!


The Full-Body Workout!

They’ve been used in routines for years, but this is a quick all-in-one if you want to start your workday right: burpees! 

Begin by standing. Place your hands on the floor along with your feet, then bring your legs back so it appears like you’re crouching, and then jump! They require you to use a lot of your muscles including shoulders, lower body, and abdominals, so are great for the cardiovascular system. Feel free to try jumping jacks as well!

Have You Ever Tried Pilates?

Taking advantage of these types of exercises work wonders for flexibility, physical strength, and posture, which is vital when working from your desk at home! This is good for the core, improving balance and increasing energy.


Try the leg lift! After warming up, lie on your side and lift your leg as high as possible, bringing it back down, up again and repeating. Do this action in an oval motion up to 20 times per leg, and overtime you’ll feel the difference!

Supporting your back when working from home is essential, so we highly recommend investing in an ergonomic office chair, using a lumbar pillow for back support, and taking your work space into consideration to ensure maximum productivity.