CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts- One study observed the connection between physical and mental health and found that women with PTSD and depression are more at risk of dying, thus suggesting exercise for longevity.

According to Andrea Roberts, the study author from Harvard University, many people worldwide become more exposed to unusual stress during the pandemic. The sad part is, social connections, which help protect mental health, are also reduced.

The researchers studied over 50,000 women aging between 43 and 64 years old. They discovered that respondents with high levels of symptoms for PTSD and depression were almost four times at risk of dying from a condition considered a major death cause than those who did not suffer from depression or any traumatic experience.

They also investigated if health risk factors could explain the connection between these mental conditions and premature death. However, the factors only contributed to a small portion. The result suggested that other factors, like stress hormones’ effect on the body, could contribute to the higher risk.

Senior author Karastan Koenen stated that the findings proved that mental health is essential to physical health and a person’s survival.

Women With PTSD, Depression Need Exercise for Longevity

The good thing is depression can be managed. If you are suffering with this problem, there are things you can do to improve your mental and physical state. You will need physical activities, such as exercise, for longevity.

Some workouts are being promoted to fight depression, and they include cardio and aerobic exercises.

One is strength training, which focuses on control and mastery. This kind of exercise can help boost your mood. Muscle building activities need concentration and full attention. As you focus on building your muscles, your mind will also be diverted to more positive thoughts. Weight lifting can also decrease depression symptoms, such as loss of interest, low mood, and a sense of worthlessness.

Yoga is also an exercise for longevity since it can help increase your levels of positivity and tranquility. It can also enhance symptoms of depression and anxiety. Practicing yoga will help calm your mind and fight anxiety and depression.

Brisk walking is another anti-depression physical activity. It is a good start to exercising if you are not motivated to work out, which is a common manifestation of depression. You can begin with a five-minute walk a day until such time that you can do it for a longer time.

You do not have to feel worse about yourself for suffering from PTSD or depression. You can manage your condition with a balanced diet, regular sleep, support group, and exercise for longevity.