The United States – Report shows that 90% experienced pain while they are working. About 30% of the report stated that the pain stops when you regularly exercise. Since women lack exercise and work out less in a week than men, the risk for both shoulder and neck pain is high.

It’s unhealthy spending too much time in your workstation, especially if you’re a woman. Not having enough exercise or physical activity can lead to a swing of musculoskeletal damages among radiologists.

The information was as per the previously published report by the Archives of Public Health. With radiologists, 90% encountered some shoulder and neck pain during work. Saudi Arabia had a research team, and this team shared their ends after conducting surveys to fellow radiologists from academic private and public hospitals. The study reached different big cities around the country, which is in Eastern Province.

The team from the research team reported 88.9% of the radiologists had musculoskeletal symptoms. This report was as per the analysis, and it’s within the year of the survey. There are 60% who stated that they work out less than once monthly. These providers have significant neck pain. Also, the report showed that they also had shoulder pain.

The findings show an unhealthy drift, as per Mohammed Al Gadeeb from the radiology department from the Bin Faisal University. The dependence on the incorporation of technology developed. There was a concurrent drop-off in corporal activity.

According to Gadeeb’s team, a large part of radiologists don’t participate in daily exercise, while some don’t exercise at least once weekly. It leads to probable negative impacts on the radiologists’ general health, especially for women.

The team of Gadeeb showed an only survey to control the influence of the less physical movement. They requested responders to provide demographic particulars, as well as details on how frequently they exercise. Also, they have asked the type of exercise they do. The team gathered answers from 198 radiologists, where the majority were under 40 years old, which is 71.2%.

The responses from the survey exposed that most responding radiologists have a single kind of exercise daily. The rate is 37.9%, while weekly is 27.9%. On the other hand, radiologists who didn’t work out at all are behind, having 22.7%. Men exercise more than women weekly, which showed 74.8% and 51.7%, respectively. The results that women tend to experience shoulder and neck pain. Some of the typical physical activities include running, walking, and stretching.

About 30% of radiologists reported pain, and the uneasiness they feel prevents them from working out, and as for the overall, 46% of people from the survey workout. About 33% of those who work out feel disabling shoulder and neck pain.

According to the team, the results of their survey emphasize the need for radiologists, especially women, to work out more. They highlighted that it might be after work, or during work hours.

Another study stated that a treadmill workstation could lessen turnaround times, and it will not adversely affect CT lung nodule credentials. Plus, the team recommends them to switch their desks to standing ones.