One can never enjoy wealth if he doesn’t have good health! Keeping the body fit is really a big deal in this ever busy world. When 24 hours isn’t even enough for some people then how will they have separate time for exercising despite knowing the importance of it!

Importance of physical activities:

Doing exercises and undergoing physical activities is a vital part which involves the promotion of strong bones and muscles. That sequentially drives towards a healthy cardiovascular system and enhances the function of respiratory muscles. If you say yes to be active then you will be promised of enjoying a healthy life as it helps in lessening the risk of diabetes, heart related issues and even alleviate the risk of cancers.

Significance of women to stay fit at 40 and more:

For women it’s definitely a greater commitment to maintain fitness as the lifestyle of them is more hectic and delicate. Still this shouldn’t be taken as an excuse as they are comparatively more vulnerable than men physically. The natural physical struggles they go through like pregnancy will obviously lead them to turn into a weaker creature. The external appearance of them will meet certain changes once after maternity. And particularly after crossing 40 years of age, it’s most important for every woman to have extra care and attention on their health and fitness. I have seen many come up with this question: how much should i weigh for my height at the age of 40

Every dear woman who crosses 40 should be aware that it’s inevitable for their body to lose their bone and muscle density and strength. You will no doubt get vulnerable to foods that trigger stress. This indeed will drive towards the fluctuation in the hormonal balance. But you don’t need to stress much on this, ladies! There are ways to resolve the problems without joining a gym or hiring a personal gym coach.

To overcome the issues there are several physical remedies and exercises for the women. This will certainly assist them in staying super and strong.


The maintenance of cardio system is the most crucial part of health! This can be beneficially served via regular walking. This is the most easiest physical activity too as you don’t need to stress much except through spending some time for it on daily basis. Cardio experts highly suggest having at least 30 minutes of walk to keep the cardio system perfectly good and maintained. It’s important to remember that the cardiovascular system is the most crucial one for women who fall under the age category of 40 and plus. You wouldn’t be having time completely at daily morning or evening but in order to cope up well with your cardio health exercise is a must!

Other exercises:

Other than walking it’s also suggested to spend some time on the treadmill, cycling or even enjoying one hour in your swimming pool or jog in the fresh morning for about 30 minutes.


Keeping the fitness alive in the body will give you greater confidence in both your looks as well as health so no more excuses any further. Get started with your workout and feel fit!