The United States – Maria Sophocles MD, OB/GYN from women’s healthcare of Princeton, shares some tips on how you can modify your health for a better you.

Women have the control to take charge of their feminine health proactively, and it’s on every stage of their lives. It starts from the moment you go through post-partum up to your perimenopause or over.

The medical director, Maria Sophocles MD, OB/GYN, from the women’s healthcare of Princeton, provides some tips that can help you change your fitness for the betterment.

As per the medical director, you have to eat right by drinking less soda daily, and you can lose 15 pounds in one year. You can replace “white” foods with “brown,” and some examples are whole wheat bread and brown rice. It’s also important to quit fast food entirely because it’s full of trans fats and sugar, which can clog your body’s cell walls. These can contain toxins, which are bad for your arteries and heart. Plus, fast foods contain MSG, which are chemicals that you should avoid.

Another tip is to maximize your vitamin D intake by exposing yourself under the sun. It’s a cheap way, which has profound advantages for your health. Staying out for 10 to 15 minutes to natural sunlight every day will provide you with mental health, proper nutrition, and bone density. Plus, you can complement a balanced diet with essential nutrients to boost healthy bones and teeth.

Regular exercising is also essential because it lessens the risk of getting cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and diabetes. One tip is to end your day with a dance party or get a virtual class for exercising. You can also check YouTube videos for some guides.

Advice on Taking Control of Your Health Includes Exercising 1

Prioritize sleep because sleeping is acting as a reset button for your mind and body. You have to prioritize sleeping at least seven to eight hours without any interruptions. Also, you have to stay away from technology for about an hour before going to bed so you can avoid blue light from keeping you awake. If you’re having some sleeping problems, you can consider trying a vitafusion gummy, like Max Strength Melatonin, before going to bed.

You also have to reduce your stress level by not feeling guilty for clearing your mind. You can consider planning activities, such as gardening, reading a book, or meditating. Listening to calming music or bathing can help you slow down your breathing and heart rate. If you’re feeling better in your mental health, you’ll feel better physically.

You can consider a vaginal probiotic. There are a lot of women who agonize from repeated vaginal infections. Antibiotics and sex are some of the reasons why. You can use RepHresh Pro-B because it provides two vaginal lactobacilli-strains to keep vaginal health. It prevents bacteria and yeast balanced every day.

Aside from these, you can also ponder a fast fix, which is to disregard painful sex. Decreased estrogen and stress levels can cause irritation and dryness during menopause. You can use Replens Vaginal Moisturizer because it gives relief from dryness for three days. Also, you can use Replens Silky Smooth is a preservative-free silicone lube, which boosts comfort and prevents abrasion.