Women who are wellness and appearance-conscious would try everything that it takes, including the Warrior Diet, to achieve their fitness targets.

After all, not all the contemporary diet plans that nutrition experts and medical professionals have designed would work for all ladies.

The Warrior Diet is dependable when it comes to obtaining fast results.

When coupled with regular exercise, ladies would feel delighted to achieve a fitter, sexier, and healthier body with this modern dieting habit.

What is this kind of diet? How did it come about?

Moreover, what is an example recipe for this kind of diet plan?

  1. Origins and Definition of the Modern Diet Plan

For women interested in trying the Warrior Diet, they would find it interesting that this dieting plan is not an ancient one.

In 2001, Ori Hofmekler designed it. As the founder of this consumption style, Hofmekler used his experiences as a former member of the Israeli Defense Forces as his guide.

In his book “The Warrior Diet,” the founder claimed that this eating style brings plenty of benefits, including losing weight quickly.

Furthermore, Hofmekler pointed out that his idea is a lifestyle.

He remarked that, through triggering the people’s survival instincts, the contemporary diet plan could help people improve their eating habits and their daily performance.

Plus, the Warrior Diet can enhance people’s appearance and overall outlook in life, according to Hofmekler.

  1. Spicy Eggs and Sweet Potato Dish: Example of Hofmekler’s Diet

An article from women’s wellness magazine Women’s Health and Fitness shared sample recipes for the Warrior Diet.

One of them is the Spicy Eggs and Sweet Potato Dish, which is ideal for post-workout recovery. Australian fitness trainer Sheena-Lauren Steinert recommended this meal.

She said that the sweet potato ingredient functions as a fantastic, low-glycemic index complex carbohydrate that replenishes the energy in the body.

Furthermore, she affirmed that this food keeps a dieter full and on the go for the whole day.

Also, Steinert relayed that the eggs in the Spicy Eggs and Sweet Potato Dish are excellent for muscle repair and as an ideal source of protein.

III. The Procedure of Cooking the Spicy Eggs and Sweet Potato Dish

Women who want to try the Warrior Diet by cooking the Spicy Eggs and Sweet Potato Dish need to prepare the following ingredients:

> Two eggs

> 200 grams of grated sweet potato

> Salt and pepper to taste

> Half of finely diced red chilli

> One teaspoon of coconut oil

> One finely diced clove garlic


When all of these ingredients are already on the table, the Warrior Dieter can now perform the followings steps:

  1. On low heat, put the 200-gram, grated sweet potato on a frying pan with the teaspoon of coconut oil.
  2. Next, add the finely diced clove garlic and the finely diced chilli.
  3. They, carry on cooking on low heat. Toss the ingredients regularly until they are soft, or for an estimated 20 to 30 minutes.
  4. Poach the two eggs.
  5. Put the cooked dish on a plate. Then, add the poached eggs on top of it.
  6. Finally, sprinkle the dish with pepper and salt to make it tasty.

As one of the recipes for the Warrior Diet, the Spicy Eggs and Sweet Potato Dish reflects the practice of primitive people who would hunt all day and consume their large meals during the evening.

This food is for intermittent fasting throughout the daytime and eating all calories at night. Dieters should try this healthy food.

Female dieters will not only witness a positive difference, but they will also enjoy eating this food, which is both healthy and delicious.

Happy eating and dieting!