Health coach Stephanie Douglas has a recipe for turning last night’s leftovers into a wholesome breakfast porridge

Q: I’m trying to eat healthier and add more whole grains to my diet, especially at breakfast, but it seems like the only option is oatmeal. I want something warm and nourishing but I also don’t want to gain weight this winter. Another problem I have is with brown rice. I try to cook it but end up throwing out the leftovers. Do you have any advice?
– Natalie, WA

A: Bravo for trying to include more whole grains in your daily diet! Unlike refined grains such as white bread, rice and pasta, whole grains still have their endosperm and outer layer in tact. These features of the grains are rich in both fibre and B vitamins. Eating these will not only result in a vitamin packed meal but they help you feel fuller for longer – great if you’re watching your weight. Here is a recipe that puts that leftover rice to use and also serves as a healthy, delicious, comforting winter meal.

Leftover Brown Rice Porridge

•    1 cup cooked brown rice
•    2 tbsp water
•    2 tbsp sultanas
•    1 tbsp oats
•    1 tbsp honey
•    1 banana
•    Dash of cinnamon
•    Slivered or whole almonds (optional)
•    Almond or soy milk to serve (optional)

Bring oats to the boil with water and add cooked rice. Add sultanas, banana and honey and simmer until warmed through. For a crunchy texture and nutty flavour, add slivered or whole raw almonds. Serve with almond milk, organic milk or soy milk and a dash of cinnamon.  Decorate with your favourite fruit, such as berries or chopped nectarines.

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