How do you sustain a healthy and active lifestyle?

There are many ways out there, you’ll find new tips & tricks all over the web.

But we know one thing: what sticks is what really ends up working.

That’s the genius behind meal prepping.

It helps us stay on track of our nutrition and know what we’re putting into our body. It keeps us responsible and accountable for our nutritional goals and plans.

Plus, it allows us to optimize our time throughout the week by having delicious meals premade, well kept in containers, ready to reheat and go.

The first thing that comes to mind when we think about meal prep is to search for something affordable and convenient, probably automatically thinking about plastic containers.

Or even worse, when we’re feeling lazy, we’ll search for a quick-fix solution, and buy pre-cooked meals in single-use plastic containers.

But wait…

If you’ve ever used these containers long enough, you’ll see them become unfortunately deformed, toxic and eventually, detrimental to your health. What happened with food-safe and reusable?

A study that sampled 455 plastic products, including food containers, found that nearly all of them leached endocrine-disrupting-chemicals.

What are they?

Well, let’s just say that can cause hormonal imbalances in the body leading to many devastating health effects.

We recently came across Eco Meal Prep™- an Australian brand that aims to raise awareness of exactly how destructive plastics can be, by providing truly non-toxic and waste-free options to make meal prepping easier for us all!

They’ve recently launched their new range of Bento Glass Containers in Australia…

And here’s what we found:

The Bento Glass containers are available in two variants,

  • Bento Glass Snack Prep (2 compartments, 640 ml) made for low-calorie or ketogenic meals.
  • Bento Glass Meal Prep (3 compartments, 860 ml) for bigger meals and portion control.

This means that you’ll get to choose the right size for whatever your meal!

Plus, these containers are made for durability and long-term use.

Made from high borosilicate glass, this means they are made to be truly reusable and toxin-free (no chemicals no matter how much you use them). Plus, they’re thermal shock-resistant, so they can go straight from the freezer to the microwave or oven and be A-OK!

The most unique feature, however, is the built-in all-the-way-up dividers that keep food separated (as it should). The BPA-free lids with removable seals were purposely built to prevent spilling between compartments.

To sum up: Bento Glass Meal Prep Containers are made for optimized, non-toxic, waste-free meal prep with portion control – for people like us who really care about nutrition and health.

And for a limited time, the Early Bird Offer is available for pre-order on Kickstarter right now!




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