‘Tis the season to be jolly but don’t let it be the season to lose sight of your goals! Beat the Christmas snacking blowout with these simple tips.

1. Fill up before you go 

“Have a few drinks of water, which will also ensure your body doesn’t mistake dehydration for hunger,” says Gawthorne. Or enjoy a small bowl of vegie soup or broth before you leave. If you’re organised, take a thermal cup with a glass of warm water and apple cider vinegar to the function. Sip it with or just before your meal and it will help you feel full faster. It will also benefit your healthy belly bacteria, which gets a beating at Christmas due to alcohol and sugar.

2. Appoint a food coach 

This is like a life coach, except their aim is to support you not to eat when you’re feeling the urge to over-indulge. Though your partner might be your coach at family gatherings, at other functions, employ a trusted work colleague or girlfriend to help steer you from the buffet.

3. Turn your back on temptation 

“Position yourself away from the snacks so that they are not within reach and you will be less tempted,” Gawthorne suggests.

4. BYO options 

“For snacks, bring along fresh platters of fruit with yoghurt, vegetable sticks with dip, roasted unsalted nuts or mini sushi rolls,” says Gawthorne. “For BBQs, bring vegetable skewers, seafood or marinated chicken instead of sausages and a salad flavoured with dressings such as balsamic and olive oil and lemon and lime juice.”

5. Quality control 

“Just because it’s a special time, doesn’t mean you should eat anything and everything in sight,” says Gawthorne. “Learn to say no, especially when it’s a food that you don’t really love.”

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