Ladies Who Lift: Why More Women Should Do Strength Training

Strength training has many benefits for overall health and is a method of training that should be prioritised by everyone. Women often tend to do cardiovascular exercise more often than strength training, but a combination of both is much better for health. By favouring one over the other, you are only limiting your own progress. To better understand why as a woman, you should do more strength training, consider this guide to help transform your exercise routine.

Build and maintain muscle

Muscle mass for women is very important, especially after the age of 30, as your muscle starts to deteriorate. This can lead to a loss of stability and weight gain as you get older. Strength training is very important to build muscle mass and counteract this loss after 30. A great way to build continued strength and muscle mass is through a regular Pilates reformer class. Reformer pilates challenges balance, core strength, and overall strength through resistance exercises and routines. Finding a regular strength routine can be hard, but reformer pilates is a fun way to build it into your workouts.

Help maintain bone strength

Many women understand the importance of muscle mass, what many don’t realise is how important strength training is for bone strength and density. Strength training can help build bone density and strength for the long term, helping to avoid issues associated with conditions like osteoporosis. The more strength you can build and maintain through regular strength training, the better overall bone health you will have.

Strengthen and maintain your stability

As we get older our core strength can diminish, particularly after having children. As a result, we’re at increased risk of falls and stumbles. Strength training is the best way to maintain stability and balance by working on your core strength and overall muscle density. Having and maintaining a good level of strength is key to improving balance and avoiding those falls as women age. It has been proven that strength training helps maintain long term health by avoiding those balance issues in later life.

Assist in maintaining a healthy weight

Strength training not only helps build muscle but also helps kick-start and speed up your metabolism. Your metabolism is all about burning energy and using what you have. The more training you do, the faster your metabolism works, burning more kilojoules throughout the day. This means even when you aren’t working out, your metabolism is burning and you can maintain a healthier weight as well. If you are trying to achieve a goal weight or wanting to maintain your current weight, then strength training can help you do that for now and the long term.

Lower the risks around diabetes

Speeding up your metabolism and building muscle mass are great ways to help lower the risk factors of those women who may be at risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Lean muscle mass that is built through strength training is recommended for women even if you aren’t at higher risk for type 2 diabetes. This is because lean muscle mass helps your body regulate and maintain healthy levels of blood glucose as well as maintaining a good ratio of fat-to-muscle in your body.


Strength training is important for all individuals who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle for both now and into the future. The lean muscle mass that is created through strength training is very important for women’s health. Helping to build bone strength, avoid muscle loss and speed up your metabolism, strength training is a key to long term health. Strength training doesn’t have to be hard, it’s simply about finding what works for you.