Resist temptation and gain control of your life

Mindful eating is not a weight loss strategy but rather “a way of being in control and enjoying food”, says Dr Evelyn Lewin.

“So many people, in particular women, go through their whole life seeing food as the enemy,” adds Dr Crafti. “And mindful eating is really a way of being able to really enjoy food but also being healthy and feeling good about yourself.” Read on for our top tips…

How to avoid mindless eating when you’re…

…at a buffet

Jane Caulfield recommends scanning all your options first. Then she suggests putting a small amount of food on your plate, reminding yourself you can always go back later.

…at a cocktail party

Dr Crafti suggests checking in with yourself as each canapé passes and ask yourself whether you’re actually hungry and whether you really want them.

…at dinner with friends

The key here is to order what you feel like eating (not just what everyone else is having). Eat slowly and engage your senses.

…cleaning up the kids’ leftovers
Check in with yourself to see if you’re really hungry and whether you really want to eat. If the answer is yes, transfer the leftovers to a clean bowl, take a seat and enjoy.

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