The occasional overindulgence isn’t going to harm your health, but get back to normal the next day.

“It’s normal to overindulge and go out and enjoy yourself on occasion, but it’s how you redeem yourself after the fact as to whether you see weight gain or weight loss,” says dietitian Lauren McGuckin.

What to do after a food blowout

  • Wait until you’re hungry. Then have a light, healthy, protein-rich breakfast like an egg on wholegrain toast or a small bowl of muesli with yoghurt and berries.
  • Drink up. Dehydration often masquerades as hunger, especially after consuming high-fat and high-salt foods, so keep a water bottle on hand throughout the day.
  • Cook dinner at home. Research shows that the more we eat at home, the slimmer we are. Even if you’re choosing healthier options like vegetable pizzas sans cheese or stir-fries, takeaway foods are usually higher in fat and calories than home-prepared meals. Plus, portion sizes are larger to compensate for the extra hit to your wallet.

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