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If you live in a chronic state of hunger, it may have less to do with how much you eat than what you eat. Here are the best foods to keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Research supports sense, that certain macronutrients are more satisfying than others. Protein versus sugar, for instance. A study at the University of Sydney tested perceived fullness in subjects at 15 minute intervals for two hours after eating the same number of calories comprising different food items.

The results informed the ‘satiety index’, ranking food types for their capacity to satisfy hunger. So which foods will stop you from raiding the fridge every five minutes?

Foods with more fibre, protein and water satisfy hunger longer

Beans and lentils stave off return hunger

Preparation and cooking method influence food’s satiety quotient, with boiled potatoes being more filling than French fries

Apples and oranges are more filling than bananas

A breakfast of whole grain cereal, toast, jam and banana slices is more filling than fried eggs, bacon, and toast or croissants with jam

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