Having clean, delicious drinking water is a necessity for any home and that’s where Big Berkey Water Filters come into play. Clean, filtered, fluoride-free water at the home for your drinks and recipes is essential for a better quality of life.

Buying store-bought water, in the long run, is more expensive and time-consuming as well. The Big Berkey Water filter saves time and money. Rather than going to the store to buy drinking water, the Big Berkey Water filtration system is right there in the comfort of your own home. It’s easy to use and effective as well.


The Big Berkey features two chambers: an upper chamber and a lower chamber. The upper chamber houses the trademark “Black Berkey” filters. The water travels down from the upper chamber into the lower chamber through the filters. For filtration of fluoride, the “PF2” water filters must be installed in the lower chamber. To use them in tandem with one another, there must be a matching amount of filters in each chamber.


The Big Berkey is versatile, coming in many different models for many situations.


In addition to the standard Big Berkey, there’s the Royal Berkey, which is slightly bigger than the normal Big Berkey. The normal Big Berkey is the perfect size for four people, while the Royal model is perfect for six people. The Royal Berkey is also still a great option in the kitchen and as a mobile option even with its comparatively bigger size, which is a bonus!


The Imperial Berkey serves even greater needs, as it’s perfect for groups in excess of nine people. College students living in a flat or dorm with multiple people may find the Imperial Berkey’s size will fit well into the room, and provide drinking water for a large group or gathering.


The Crown Berkey is the biggest of the bunch, and is a popular choice among disaster relief, due to its capacity, so it has the durability to spare. The Crown Berkey is also perfect for parties and larger gatherings, serving over 12 people. Belying its large size and capacity, the Crown Berkey still doesn’t take up a lot of space and can fit into virtually any kitchen or any room in the home.


The Berkey Light is composed of BPA plastic, which is perfect for outdoor situations. Perfect for people who are camping or out in an RV and need the comfort of clean drinking water. It also features LED lighting at the base, which makes it a great nighttime option as well.


The Travel Berkey is perfect for up to three people, fits in most any luggage, and is a perfect option for getting clean, filtered drinking water while on the road. It perfectly serves 3 people and is a great option on the road or in the air.


The Go Berkey is great for hiking and makes the perfect companion when you need clean drinking water while tackling the great outdoors or exercising. It’s lightweight, practical, and guaranteed to work just as well as a normal water bottle with the perk of providing you with clean, crisp drinking water on the fly!


The Big Berkey is perfect for drinking recipes as well. Whether it’s tea, coffee, lemonade, or juice for the kids, the Big Berkey makes those delicious drinks that much more delicious with clean water as a base. For those who are health conscious and wish not to drink soda, but still want something tasty to drink with the added benefit of clean drinking water, the Big Berkey is a wonderful option (and at a fraction of the cost of soda as well). Cheap and healthy, a wonderful combination!


The Big Berkey water filtration system has a dedicated following, performs well when tested, saves time and money while providing fresh, clean drinking water right in the comfort of the home. When making delicious drinking recipes, sharing water with the pets, or making sure that children in the home have fresh drinking water in their growing years, the Big Berkey water filtration system is the right water filter for anyone.


No matter what situation, the Big Berkey water filtration system models fit almost anywhere, work as advertised, and provide clean, cheap drinking water that increases the quality of life and saves money in the long run.