As the name suggests, this detox is all about stripping your diet – of gluten, dairy, eggs, yeast, and soy.


It’s one of the longer detoxes, at around 28 days. And due to a dearth of carbohydrates in permitted foods, and consequent water loss, it’s unlikely that you’d finish without weighing in a few kilos lighter. But nutritionist Stephanie Payne from warns against such extremes.

“People don’t do well when they cut something they love out of their diet cold turkey. Your body is used to having all these foods so you need to ease your way into it by just cutting back and making simple swaps here and there with whole grain alternatives,” she says. Yep, you heard – carbs, ye faithful detoxer.

“Your body needs carbohydrates to maintain energy levels and normal brain function. Instead of cutting out all pasta and breads, switch to whole grain products such as brown rice, whole grain breads, quinoa, sweet potato and so forth. These are all complex carbohydrates that are better for your body.” To take care of any weight loss aspirations, “focus on cutting back on serve sizes by eating from an entree sized plate rather than a large dinner plate”.