Of all the beautiful body parts you have, your smile is probably the most attractive. It’s your smile that other people first look at when you happily greet them. It’s what your family members first see when you get home after work. And lastly, it’s what makes you want to stare at and appreciate yourself in the mirror longer. Some would even consider it the epitome of visual appeal in magazine photo shoots and commercials. The quality of one’s smile has become part of the modern standards of beauty.

attractive woman with short hair sit in dental office and look at doctor with confidence, she has perfect smile. professional doctor of clinic use special sterilized medical instruments

And so you may wonder, what makes a smile beautiful? The truth is, it’s not heavy makeup, elegant hairstyles, and expensive lipsticks. The key to an amazing smile is how you care for your dental health. So if you want to have one that’s both stunning and healthy, you’ll need to look after your oral health in the same way you pay attention to your hair and skin.

Here are six best practices you can do to have a gorgeous smile in no time:


  • Schedule Whitening Treatments 


One common oral issue that hinders people from having a wonderful smile is yellowish and stained teeth. Yellow teeth often result from several factors such as eating unhealthy foods, smoking, and drinking too much coffee. Unfortunately, your yellowish smile can’t always be solved by simple brushing with whitening toothpaste. Thus, it’s a good idea to invest in teeth whitening treatments from your trusted dentist.

You may schedule teeth whitening treatments at least twice or thrice a year. Their purpose is to remove stains and other yellowish colours present in your teeth in a single visit. However, they can’t prevent future staining, which means the only way to keep your teeth white afterward is through proper dental care and changing your habits that may cause the issue to resurface.


  • Practice Proper Oral Hygiene


As mentioned, the best way to keep your teeth white and healthy is by taking the right oral care measures. If you sometimes feel that brushing and flossing your teeth are a chore, it probably means you don’t have a structured dental hygiene routine. So start creating one and commit to following it every day. Dentists recommend brushing your teeth twice a day—once in the morning and again in the evening before going to bed.

Meanwhile, for food particles and other elements that are hard to reach by brushing, you may remove them by flossing your teeth. You may do this once a day gently and slowly. Remember: plaque-free teeth equate to an impressive smile. 


  • Eat Healthily


Everyone knows how sugary and unhealthy foods can cause cavities. But the thing is, they’re not the only culprits of terrible dental hygiene. Overeating carbohydrates can also lead to that, ruining your beautiful smile. This is because carbohydrates that remain in your teeth for long periods can break down into sugar. The best way to fight off and minimize cavities is by eating healthily.

Instead of sugary and carb-filled options, go for more fruits and vegetables. Not only will this result in a more remarkable smile, but your overall health will benefit as well. Plus, you don’t need to worry if you’re eating sweet fruits as they’re rich in fibre and excellent sources of natural fluoride, which promotes the production of saliva that can help remove food debris.



  • Limit The Consumption Of Staining Foods And Drinks 


The truth is, there are so many foods and beverages out there that are known to stain your teeth. These include blackberries, curry sauce, spaghetti, and blueberries. For drinks, you have sodas, tea, wine, and, of course, coffee. So if you’re aiming for a set of white teeth, fresh breath, and a nice smile, now’s the best time to start being mindful of what you eat and limit your intake of those teeth-staining options.

Another common culprit of yellowish teeth is smoking. It’ll not only put you at risk for severe health issues and cancer but also ruin your pearly whites. Strive to minimize or, better yet, quit smoking for good. 


  • Use Straws 


If you enjoy teeth-staining drinks, make sure you use a straw every time you consume them. You can use any type of straw since they all function the same way. The straw will limit the amount of contact your teeth will have with those liquids and eventually lower the chances of them staining your teeth and giving you cavities.


  • Visit Your Dentist Regularly 


Your best partner in attaining an award-winning smile is none other than your dentist. So visit your dentist as often as you can and have your teeth regularly cleaned. They’ll remove all the plaque and cavities in your teeth that can’t be addressed by brushing alone. Furthermore, they’ll be able to spot any potential dental problems early on and resolve them right away. 


Aside from turning to teeth whitening treatments, sticking to a good dental hygiene routine and making certain changes to your habits can help you have a healthy, breathtaking smile for years to come. Follow all of the tips above, and remember that consistency is the key to lasting results.