Keen to explore wholesome new lifestyles? Try the Scandinavian way of eating and see if it will work for you.

The Nordic eating style, based on food that is seasonal, fresh, local and rustic, is enjoyed in countries like Norway, Sweden and Denmark and set to become the next ‘it’ diet.

It encourages intake of more fresh fruit and vegies, eating whole grains like rye and enjoying more seafood (wild, not farmed). ‘Clean’ foods are priorities so you consume less additives and preservatives, and small amounts of red meat that are eaten are lean, good quality and preferably organic.

As well as reducing your intake of processed foods, the Nordic diet also aims to create less environmental waste.

“This focus on eating fresh reduces the time food is stored so it is not losing its health-boosting minerals, polyphenols and other nutrients,” says Alan Barclay, dietitian, nutritionist, and chief scientific officer for the Glycemic Index Foundation. “Pickled foods are also enjoyed, which boost healthy bacteria in the body.”

Adopt these habits:

Visit local food markets: They often have fantastic fresh produce on offer.

Shop more often:
That way you won’t be eating broccoli or carrots that have been sitting in your fridge long enough to go limp and lose nutrients.

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