We ask two health experts to review the Lemon Detox Diet.


Lemon Detox Diet review - Women's Health & Fitness

The lowdown
The Lemon Detox diet claims to cleanse your body of toxins while whittling your waist. You achieve this by cutting out all food (yes, all food) and drinking a lemon-based syrup instead for at least five to seven days in a row.

What’s it doing to your body?
Neither expert has anything supportive to say about this diet. In fact, “This is one of the worst of the diets,” says nutritionist Zoe Bingley-Pullin. Not only does she say that there’s no evidence behind it, she’s worries that it may deplete your body of key nutrients.

Besides, she’s not sold on the idea that it leads to weight loss. While you start off by losing fluid, “more than likely you’re not going to lose fat, you’ll lose muscle.” And once the diet is over, she’s concerned the weight will simply come back anyway.

Dr Stephen Thornley, endocrinologist at Southern Endocrine in Sydney, worries about the risk of dehydration and lack of energy. Furthermore, he warns it can be “potentially dangerous” for those with medical conditions.

Both experts agree it’s best to give this diet a miss.

– Dr Evelyn Lewin