Caffeine may be contributing to your sudden cravings for carbs and sugar. Here’s how to prevent it.

That sustainable double shot could be responsible for your hunger pangs by 11am. Caffeine stimulates a rush of adrenalin, which puts it into fight or flight mode. As you’re not on the run from mammoths, the adrenal hormones that would once have given you energy for a quick getaway circulate in your system, making you feel depleted and worn out. This fatigue can promote cravings for carbs and sugar as the brain screams for its favourite fuel source, glucose.


  • Switch to herbal tea or a coffee substitute like dandelion tea – caffeine can be dehydrating.
  • Choose single shots rather than double.
  • If you must have a coffee daily, don’t have more than one.
  • Avoid energy drinks and colas, which are also high in caffeine.
  • When suffering an energy dip, stop for five minutes, drop your shoulders and slow breathe, instead of reaching for some Java.

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