Cover Model

Photography: Jamie Watling. Model: Claire Rae

It’s not a look. It’s a lifestyle.

Do you represent the entire package of health, fitness, presentation, poise, personality, confidence, beauty and intelligence? We are looking for a woman who embodies the Women’s Health & Fitness brand to grace the cover of Women’s Health & Fitness magazine.

Because we’re all about celebrating real women being their best, we’re looking for balance. You may not have the hardest abs or longest eyelashes, but you are your own healthiest, fittest best. And girl, can you work that camera with your natural charisma and smile! The winner will be well-rounded and score highly in all judging categories.

If you’re aged over 18 and based in Australia (or will be in Australia at the time of the cover shoot), check out our Editor’s Tips, and enter now!

Thank you for your interest. The competition has now closed.