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Parisian Diet

Dr Jean-Michel Cohen recommends a three-phase program based on healthy French eating habits. What is it: A three-phase program based on healthy French eating habits – we hope they mean cheese, bread and wine! Bon appétit, mon cherie! The Good: “What I love about this diet is the focus on the enjoyment of food,” says […]

Eating little & often does NOT boost metabolism

Eating multiple mini meals does not boost metabolism or promote weight loss, research presented to the Society for Endicrinology shows. When 24 lean and obese women were given two meals or five meals comprising equal calories, energy expenditure over 24 hours was comparable. It’s another nail in the coffin for eating regimes promising to trick […]

14-day weight loss

Can’t shift weight like you used to? Increase your dietary intake of amino acids found in protein-rich foods. Problem: you can’t shift the kilos like you used to Solution: resolving a deficiency in glutathione, the body’s principal antioxidant, could re-ignite your fat-burning capacity. The sounds-too-good-to-be-true finding comes from a study in which researchers showed that […]

Hypnotherapy for weight loss?

Kylie Ryan, weight loss coach and qualified hypnotist of, explains how hypnotherapy assists with behaviour change by utilising the state of trance. “Trance is a natural state, and one that people go into many times per day, The hypnotherapist encourages the client through voice tone, words and positive suggestions, based on their goals and […]