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How to stay motivated on a new eating and exercise plan

Struggling to find your why? Samantha Emms explores ways to get fired-up about your new eating and exercise plan and how to stay motivated. Motivation is loosely defined as ‘purpose; drive’ – but to the average person, motivation is what gets you out of bed when you’re exhausted and has you crunching (happily) on celery sticks. […]

Meet our cover model: Theresa Jenn Lopetrone

Theresa Jenn Lopetrone, 35, is our gorgeous February cover model. Here, she reveals all about body image, fitspo and her love of food.  On contemporary definitions of ‘fitness’  Our society has glorified petite waistlines through the use of fat burners, overtraining and Photoshopping. Unfortunately, this standard of ‘fitness’ does not equate to ‘fit’. Somewhere along […]

7 tips to create the perfect home office for productivity

Your workspace plays a huge role in your productivity and concentration. Transform your desk space with co-founder and head of interior design at Designbx, Kerena Berry’s tips for creating your ultimate home office space.   1. Choose the right interior design style: find a style that complements your personality. Pinterest is great for collecting images that resonate […]

Health and fitness with Lauren Hannaford

We chat to Lauren Hannaford (@lozhannahford) about her top fitness tips, how she stays motivated and her fitness mantra. After competing as an elite gymnast for more than 20 years, IsoWhey-sponsored athlete Lauren ‘Loz’ Hannaford turned her fitness sights to gymnastics coaching, modelling and personal training. While touring the world with The Wiggles (yep, she […]

Fitness talk with the mastermind behind Tully Lou

We chat to Tully Lou founder/designer and yoga instructor, Tully Humphrey about her journey, training and fitness mantras. ON STARTING OUT I suffered from anorexia as a teenager and only recovered through constant yoga practice, which drew me into the health and fitness world. My day-to-day life now is hectic and constantly changing: some days […]

How to improve your friendships

Worried about losing contact with your pals? We show you how to improve your friendships 1. Meet your friends Sounds simple, but how often do you see your friends face-to-face without the aid of technology? The more you use technology to communicate, the lonelier you’ll be, according to a survey conducted by Relationships Australia, so […]