Health from within

The way most of us wage war against germs you’d think they were all out to get us. But in fact, we need germs – some of them, anyway – and without them in our lives we would be in serious trouble. Photolibrary Western society has done an excellent job in fighting bacteria – and […]
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6 Ways to Manage Anxiety

6 ways to manage anxiety Everybody has moments of anxiety, deep worry and high stress. Here are a few ways and tactics to help manage anxiety. Counselling The good news is that treatment for anxiety – for those that seek it out – is usually successful. Your first port of call is your GP to […]
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Your very own DIY spa

Your DIY guide to getting the spa feels at home, courtesy of our interior styling expert, managing director of Dammer Interiors, Louise Dammer.   “The important thing is to keep it simple and think about how all five of your senses can be stimulated,” says Dammer. Think about the type of bath you like the look of, […]
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11 tips to help you sleep at night

Lack of sleep an wreak havoc on your mental, physical and emotional health. So, if you’re struggle to get some shut eye, here are 11 tips to help you sleep better.       1. Don’t try too hard to get to sleep or look at the clock. This tends to cause anxiety around getting to sleep, […]
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