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Why you should use a cleansing brush

 Washing your face is one thing, gently polishing it with a specially developed cleansing brush is completely another. According to dermal therapist James Vivian, “Cleansing brushes are generally designed to assist the cleansing process by removing more foreign accumulations from the skin while simultaneously stimulating the complexion to detoxify and bring oxygen and nutrients to […]

What you need to know about antidepressants

Marisa Branscombe explores the rise of antidepressants and investigates alternative treatments for depression. Society seems to be more dependent on drugs as the panacea for all problems. This is the case so often these days, that they are the first port of call for health professionals who don’t have time to explore alternative remedies for […]

How to manage your expectations

Are your high expectations causing you grief? Here are tips for managaing expectations around family, colleagues and friends. Expectations are like children: messy, rebellious and driven (and, often, blinded) by hope. The problem with letting the expectations of clients, colleagues or friends look after themselves is that untamed expectations can result in disappointment, blame games […]

Omnilux anti-ageing treatment

Omnilux is an anti-ageing skin treatment that stimulates collagen and encourages healing. What is Omnilux? A light therapy device that uses red LED light at specific wavelengths to stimulate collagen and act as a non-invasive anti-inflammatory agent. While most anti-ageing treatments purposely damage the skin to encourage the process of healing, Omnilux causes no thermal […]