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Discovering complementary therapies

There’s no denying complementary therapies are on the rise. We’ve taken the guesswork out of discovering what these therapies mean and how they can be of benefit to you. Osteopathy: Using observation and manipulation, the practitioner addresses any structural difficulties of movement which may affect the body and works towards realignment. May help with back […]

4 breathing techniques to reduce stress

Feeling stressed? Simple tweaks to breathing can immeasurably boost wellbeing and reduce stress. Here’s how to audit and upgrade your breath for better physical and mental health. Step 1: Breathe from your abdomen To get the most out of each breath, you need to breathe from your belly, says Ros Ben-Moshe, director of Laughlife Wellbeing […]

The importance of sleep

If you want to give yourself a better chance of avoiding the curveballs, prioritise sleep. Clocking less than six hours of sleep per night compromises the brain’s ability to regulate emotions, making it that much harder to deal. And it only takes one night of insufficient sleep to make you vulnerable to meltdowns according to […]

Why You Should Stop Smoking (Immediately!)

Take control of your health before your luck runs out. This article could save your life!   The damage In Australia, smoking is the largest single cause of death and disease in Australia, with 290 people dying from smoking-related deaths every week. The risks It’s not just that smoking smells, causes premature ageing and is an expensive […]

Atypical eating disorders

There’s more to eating disorders than teenage anorexia and bulimia. Angela Tufvesson looks at why atypical disorders are affecting older women   Think eating disorder and anorexia and bulimiaimmediately come to mind. Impressionable teenage girls hiding dangerous binging and purging habits from their parents until waif-thin limbs indicate that something is very wrong. But while research shows one […]

Can’t stop yawning?

Are you yawning even when you’re wide awake? Angela Tufvesson finds out why.     Doctors call it a ‘brainstem-mediated bodily response’, but to the rest of us it’s a yawn. And stifling one during a meeting or at a dinner party is something we’d all rather avoid. We yawn when we are tired or bored, but exactly why […]