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Generic food brands – what’s the difference?

Are you paying for sexy packaging or added nutritional cred? David Gooding investigates the divide between our supermarket favourites and the generic brands. When the first generic products first hit shelves in 1977, they barely made a dent in sales. Thirty-five years later they’re dominating grocery aisles and don’t look like going away any time […]

Health benefits of self-meditation

Meditation may ease inflammatory conditions including psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis and asthma, suggests a new report published in Brain, Behavior and Immunity. In a small experimental study, participants in an eight-week mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) program – focusing on the breath, mental content and bodily sensations while walking, sitting or practising yoga – experienced notably smaller […]

Foam roller Vs spiky ball

Self-massage using a foam roller or a spikey balls/” 10017 rel=”nofollow” target=”_self”> balls/" 10017 rel="nofollow" target="_self">ball feels good, but it can also alleviate pain and prevent further injuries. But which is more effective? Problem: Generalised pain or tightness; stretching fascia, or connective tissue. Solution: Foam roller “Foam rollers are great for stretching fascia, or connective tissue in the body,” […]

Do vitamins boost your workouts?

If you think that vitamins, particularly antioxidants such as A, C and E help maximise your workouts, think again. There’s emerging evidence that antioxidant supplements may adversly effect: Insulin benefits of exercise “One previous small study found that trained and untrained people who dose up on antioxidant supplements impair important exercise training adaptations such as […]