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Fraxel skin
 resurfacing – your complete guide

Suffer from pigmentation, discolouration or frown lines? Fraxel skin
 resurfacing helps replace damaged cells. What is fraxel skin
 resurfacing? Fraxel promises to smooth skin tone, soften scars and frown lines and reduce discolouration and pigmentation. The resurfacing laser creates thousands of microscopic treatment zones, inducing the skin’s natural healing process and replacing damaged cells with […]

4 skincare features to look for in your spring beauty products

Feeling the pressure of spring’s social calendar to look and feel photo-ready? The next time you open your beauty cabinet, check the ingredients list for these four skincare elements for flawless, healthy skin.  1. Home in on natural ingredients   Many skin care products, including cleansers and moisturisers, contain harsh chemicals that could be doing […]

6 must-have beauty products for your gym bag

Boost your post-gym glow with these gym bag essentials from Sukin Skincare. There’s nothing like a good workout to make you feel vital. Scientists have credited the post-gym glow to the release of happy hormones like dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine, which stifle stress and, in turn, boost your natural beauty. Researchers from the University of […]

Dermal fillers: your complete skincare guide

Traditionally, fillers were used to poly fill wrinkles, but now it has become commonplace to sculpt and lift the face with long-lasting and permanent dermal fillers. What can fillers do? “Superficial fillers known as skin-boosters can be used to improve internal hydration of the skin and rejuvenate texture and quality to provide a smoother complexion,” […]

Top tips for a pain-free Brazilian wax

Before you head to your next Brazilian appointment, prepare yourself with these simple tips and avoid the discomfort. » Avoid coffee before your appointment. This stimulant can make the waxing more uncomfortable. » Exfoliate and moisturise the area regularly. Dry skin and clogged pores will lead to ingrown hairs. » Exfoliate before your appointment. » […]

3 ingredients for gorgeous skin

Want clear, youthful skin? There are only 3 ingredients you need to look out for, says aesthetic nurse Mike Clague Forget $200 department store serums that read like a third year biochem textbook. According to aesthetic nurse Mike Clague, of Melbourne’s Ashley Centre, keeping skin in mint, pretty-young-thing condition is deceptively simple. “You only need […]