14 dumbbell exercises for strong women

Dumbbell exercises for women who want to burn fat, build muscle and get LEAN. Reverse laterals Target muscles: Quadriceps, Glutes, Adductors, Soleus, Hamstring, Deltoids With weights in hands, step laterally (sideways) then reverse lunge, lengthening spine. Pause in lunge position, raise same arm as outside leg to press weight above head, and lower. Repeat on […]
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Why you should reward yourself for exercising

Need something to motivate you to exercise? Learn how to schedule rewards the right way and boost your gym mojo. What it does: Rewarding yourself for a trip to the gym might sound indulgent, but having something to look forward to may help getting out the door (come rain or shine) that much easier. “We call it […]
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8 move booty workout

Shape, tighten and lift your butt in just eight moves with this focused resistance workout from fitness model Janine Horsley. Warm-up (not pictured)   This dynamic warm-up will prepare your body for key moves. Consider it an investment. 2–3 minutes: (20 seconds each) Begin with high knees, running in one place for 20 seconds. Followed […]
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High intensity interval training

Minimise your workout time while maximising your results. PT Jay Bonaretti explains all about HIIT High intensity interval training is great for fat loss Make no mistake about it, high intensity interval training (HIIT) can be challenging as your training needs to be intense in order gain maximum results. But don’t let the challenging nature […]
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4 ways to maximise muscle gains

Love strength training? Learn how to maximise muscle gains with these weight training tips from D’Astoli. 1. Quality 
(range of motion & tempo) First and foremost, you need to ensure you are using the full range of motion for each exercise with a slow tempo (particularly the lowering phase) that demonstrates control of movement. Once […]
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full body workout tips

The benefits of strength-training Build lean muscle with a strength-training workout to suit your fitness goals. “A combination of compound and isolation [workouts] is great, especially in body sculpting,” says experienced natural bodybuilder and personal trainer Ami Stockton. The trick to body sculpting is knowing where and how to build lean muscle and tone and […]
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full body toning circuit

Tone your arms, thighs and butt with this six move workout. full-body-toning-circuit-main No time to get to the gym. Spending your group class budget on the mortgage. There are a million excuses not to get moving. All you need for this set of six toning moves from WH&F trainer Nichelle Laus is the resistance of […]
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