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Side stretch

Feeling stiff? This is a great stretch for the side of the body. Nikki Fogden-Moore shows us how. Side stretch 1. For the side stretch, start on knees, shoulder-width apart, and reach arms above head. 2. Hold arms out straight at sides to balance, looking straight ahead. 3. Support yourself with your right arm straight […]

Calf raise

WH&F Head Trainer Nikki Fogden-Moore demonstrates calf raises. How to Stand with your feet firmly on the ground, one foot slightly in front of the other. Hold a weight in your hands and then rise up on your tiptoes. Pause at the top for one or two seconds then come down again. NEXT:  Lunge & twist […]

Online personal training – is it for you?

Want to save on personal training? Why not swap your face-to-face personal trainer with an online personal trainer? Angela Tufvesson investigates. Cost saving: Around $170 a week (based on three $70 sessions) Why you should make it happen: Personalised fitness training offers a wealth of benefits but comes at a price. If you’re after one-on-one […]

Pelvic curls

This Pilates exercise targets buttock muscles, hamstrings, abdominals and spinal articulation and mobility. Physical benefits: Pelvic curls are often likened to a massage. The slow and pinpointed movements over each vertebra are a wonderful release for the spine. Mental benefits: This exercise has a relaxing effect, which kicks in almost immediately. “It’s a fantastic spinal […]