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Side stretch

Feeling stiff? This is a great stretch for the side of the body. Nikki Fogden-Moore shows us how. Side stretch 1. For the side stretch, start on knees, shoulder-width apart, and reach arms above head. 2. Hold arms out straight at sides to balance, looking straight ahead. 3. Support yourself with your right arm straight […]

Calf raise

WH&F Head Trainer Nikki Fogden-Moore demonstrates calf raises. How to Stand with your feet firmly on the ground, one foot slightly in front of the other. Hold a weight in your hands and then rise up on your tiptoes. Pause at the top for one or two seconds then come down again. NEXT:  Lunge & twist […]

The effects of overtraining

Think you may have overtrained a little? Don’t ignore the signs during your workouts. Overtraining is a very real concern and shouldn’t be taken lightly. “Overtraining happens when a person has repeatedly exercised at an intensity, quantity and duration that is more than their body can recover from,” says Yujin Lim, exercise physiologist from Optimal […]

Online personal training – is it for you?

Want to save on personal training? Why not swap your face-to-face personal trainer with an online personal trainer? Angela Tufvesson investigates. Cost saving: Around $170 a week (based on three $70 sessions) Why you should make it happen: Personalised fitness training offers a wealth of benefits but comes at a price. If you’re after one-on-one […]

Pelvic curls

This Pilates exercise targets buttock muscles, hamstrings, abdominals and spinal articulation and mobility. Physical benefits: Pelvic curls are often likened to a massage. The slow and pinpointed movements over each vertebra are a wonderful release for the spine. Mental benefits: This exercise has a relaxing effect, which kicks in almost immediately. “It’s a fantastic spinal […]

Anything but gym: the benefits of hiking, cycling and running

Looking to take your workouts outdoors? We take a look at the benefits of hiking, cycling and running and what to look out for. GOOD FOR Taking your cardiovascular training outdoors may be the answer to increased motivation and dodging results plateaus according to the latest research. One study published in the journal Environmental Science […]