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5 health benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids

5 health benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids – Women’s Health and Fitness magazine Recent studies show that these fatty acids could reverse the ageing process. We do the math.   Omega-3s are unequivocally lauded as one of nutrition’s noblest players. According to accredited practising dietitian and author of The Total Life Diet Shamala Ratnesar, omega-3s reside within […]

5 tips to a healthier you this New Year

Have you made a resolution to get fit and healthy this New Year but not sure where to start? These simple tips from Discount Drug Stores Pharmacist and National Professional Services Manager, Stephanie Shea, may help make your New Year’s resolution to be healthy go the distance and easier to keep.     There’s no denying resolutions […]

Fat loss tips by Brooke Stacey

WH&F contributing trainer, Brooke Stacey shares her top tips for fat loss; from  cardio and calories to cheat days and supplements, she shares her insights. Weights or cardio? The way to sculpt and tone your body is by lifting consistently with resistance training. The amount of time it will take to get results will vary depending on your starting ability, current weight, muscle mass and body […]

Chocoholic annonymous

Base Body Babes full-body barbell workout - Women's Health and Fitness magazine

That melt-in-your mouth choccie treat may contain antioxidants, but what happens when the odd indulgence turns into addiction? Linda Smith looks outside the square at smart ways to eat chocolate, and how to solve a slip-up Istockphoto/Hemera/Stockbyte/Thinkstock Chocoholics often cling to medical advice which suggests chocolate can be good for us. Regularly eating small amounts […]