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The importance of micronutrients

There’s so much talk about maintaining an optimal diet with macronutrient ratios but here, we take a look into the importance of micronutrients, when to take them and how they complement your regime. Magnesium (Mg) An essential mineral involved in over 300 metabolic reactions including energy production and excreted through sweat, magnesium is widely used […]

Protein powders decoded: why and when you should consume protein

Protein powders have become integral to workouts, yet the choice comes with increasing confusion. We investigate the best protein sources for pre and post-workout, fat burning and weight loss. Protein promotes faster muscle rebuilding after a high-intensity or long workout – which tears down muscle tissue. The combination of fast-acting whey and slow-release casein found […]

Pre and post-workout nutrition

Trying to figure out when, what and how much fit-food you need to achieve your fitness goals? We asked the experts for fit fuel formulas. Pre-workout fuel While our bodies need fuel to maintain energy throughout a heavy workout and repair torn muscle can be broadly translated to macronutrient targets, there are subtle factors that […]

A dietitians advice on macros vs calories

Confused about macros versus calories? We asked accredited practising dietitian and founder of Bites for Health what she thought. Here’s the verdict. Counting macronutrients rather than calories can ensure a more balanced overall diet; however, counting anything around food can be exhausting. The value of attending to macronutrients is to ensure that each meal contains a […]