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Meal timing tricks: pre and post workout fuel

We turn to science and the experts on optimal timing for pre-workout fuel and post-workout feeds. Pre-workout The optimal timing of pre-workout fuel depends on the time of day and what is being consumed. “Pre-workout nutrition is important for performance during the workout and encompasses the one to three hours before a training session,” says nutritionist […]

Your guide to food intolerances

Think you may be intolerant to certain foods? Here’s how to tell the difference between specific intolerances. Gluten: This protein is found in wheat products. Some people with gluten sensitivity react to wheat but can tolerate oats or rye. Food examples: wholemeal bread, rye crispbreads, rolled oats and barley Lactose: A natural sugar, lactose is […]

How stress affects your metabolism

Wondering why your metabolism is slowing down? Stress could be the culprit. “When you’re stressed, your adrenal glands release more cortisol, which makes you store fat in case you have to go for a lengthy time without food,” says Timothy Crowe, Associate Professor in Nutrition and Exercise Sciences at Deakin University. “This build-up can occur […]

What It Takes To Become A Professional Dietitian

The job of a dietitian has never been more important in the modern world. Obesity continues to be a major problem in the world today especially among the millennial generation. Dietitians educate and create awareness on how a person can maintain a balanced diet which leads to you having a healthy lifestyle. There are certain […]