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Breakfast pizza recipe

Fed up of fry-ups? Treat your family to a healthy breakfast pizza over the weekend Looking for healthy breakfast ideas? This easy recipe will satisfy the whole family. Ingredients (serves 4) •    4 wholemeal flat breads (small) •    400g salt-reduced baked beans •    2 cups mushrooms, sliced •    2 Roma tomatoes, cut into bite-size pieces […]

Chill diet (cold therapy for weight loss)

With mainstream diets reaching saturation point, extreme diets are springing up all over the place. But do they ACTUALLY work? What is the ‘chill diet’? Forget relying on pernickety manipulations of what you put in your mouth – the latest left-field entrant to the weight loss realm adds freezing your butt off, a.k.a. cold therapy, to […]

How to restore bacterial balance for better gut health

Disturbances in gut bacteria can wreak havoc on our health and wellness. Here, the experts share three ways to restore this balance. Use Probiotics: “Some strains of probiotics such as Lactobacillus plantarum and Bifidobacteria infantis, may help reduce abdominal pain, flatulence and belly distension,” says CK Yao, a research dietitian at Monash University. Probiotics can […]

Why you need to bring the fun back into healthy eating

We’re sure you’ve heard it all before, ‘healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring’ and it’s true. Bianca Cheah is an advocate to leading a healthy lifestyle and making healthier choices, here she shares her insights into becoming more radiant, nourished, happy and energised. As the founder of leading digital publication Sporteluxe and successful businesswoman […]

7 Foods To Keep Away From When Undergoing IVF Treatment


When trying to conceive, the type of food women consume plays a far greater role in their success than many people realize. Particularly among those looking to conceive through IVF treatments, the variety of food one eats not only boosts the overall odds of experiencing a successful pregnancy, but also reduces the likelihood of complications […]