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Chocolate and almond torte

Why not spoil your special someone with this mouth-watering chocolate and almond torte that’s full of protein and antioxidants? Yum. Ingredients (serves 12) 250g unpeeled roasted almonds 250g best quality dark chocolate 125g dates 125g dried figs 6 egg whites, beaten Berries for decoration Method In a food processor or similar, chop almonds and chocolate […]

Food labels – what do they REALLY mean?

Confused about terms such as ‘lite’ and ‘no added sugar’? Be wary of certain food labels and don’t believe everything you read… ‘Lite’ Not necessarily lower in fat or calories, ‘lite’ foods can be lighter in flavour, colour or taste. Some are higher in calories than the original! Pretty pictures A ripe mango or capsicum […]