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Are you eating enough protein?

Wondering whether there’s enough protein in your diet? Studies show it’s very important. Too little protein may lead to an insatiable desire to eat according to a growing body of evidence supporting the ‘protein leverage theory’. “Research seems to show that animals, including monkeys, rats, locusts, caterpillars and humans, have a set point of protein […]

8 ways to control your appetite and avoid overeating

Struggling to combat overeating? Here are 8 ways to help you eat mindfully. Volume vegie status High-volume, high-water, highly nutritious, low-calorie foods – think vegies – can trick your brain into thinking you’ve eaten a huge meal. Research conducted by Pennsylvania State University found that when you gave people the licence to eat as much […]

Breakfast ideas – stay fuller for longer

Crashing and burning by 10.30am, even with a belly full of breakfast? You’re choosing the wrong foods! According to world renowned integrative doctor Frank Lipman MD, the problem is that standard breakfast fare like a bowl of cereal or a bagel with cream cheese is nutritionally bankrupt. His perfect brekkie includes healthy fats and protein, […]

yoga for a flat tummy

How to boost your metabolism Want a faster metabolism? You need to ensure your digestive system gets the right nutrients. Digestion and metabolism are not one and the same, but they certainly need to work together for optimal workout benefits. Digestion involves the breaking down of food and distributing nutrients throughout the body while at the same time getting rid […]

10 new ‘super foods’ for 2014 – Are they worth the hype?

Chlorella What is it? “Chlorella is the top chlorophyll-containing food on Earth, with 10 per cent chlorophyll, which is 40 times higher than wheatgrass juice,” says Wolfe. It’s basically a single-cell green, water-grown algae. What do you do with it? “Take chlorella to detoxify the brain and the liver while also improving your immune system […]