CardioAnything but gym: the benefits of hiking, cycling and running Looking to take your workouts outdoors? We take a look at the benefits of hiking, cycling…read moreHow to introduce running into your workouts For some running doesn’t come naturally. Here, expert Alicia Gowan’s shares ways to…read moreHow to make the most of beach circuits and boot camps Take a breather from the gym and head outdoors for a beach circuit of boot camp in the…read moreHow to reap the benefits of HIIT training Learn how to take advantage of HIIT training with these expert insights. Katelyn Swallow…read moreThe pros and cons of running We asked personal trainer, nutrition and health coach of Agent of Change Ashleigh Boehm to…read moreJenna Douros’ HIIT workout sampler Designed to get your heart rate high and burn max calories this HIIT circuit by Jenna…read moreThe benefits of taking it easy during the holiday season Rather than feeling guilty about a fitness schedule de-load over the festive season, here’s…read moreAMRAP high-energy body-weighted workoutWH&F cover model and personal trainer Grace Shelmerdine takes you through a high-energy,…read moreSculpting lower body circuit Carve your buns, quads, and hamstrings (plus a little bit of core) with this killer lower-body…read moreFat burning full body workoutBurn fat, build muscle and lean lean lean with this efficient 30-minute full body workout courtesy…read more

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