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Food labelling: a case of natural selection?

Packaged and convenience foods line the aisles of every supermarket. Riddled with mystery chemical ingredients such as stabilisers and preservatives, their labelling can be almost impossible to decipher. Food manufacturers know that health sells, and product labelling is the front line in getting the message across to time-poor shoppers. Buzz words like ‘lite’, ‘organic’, ‘scientifically […]

Summer Body Warrior Challenge – Week 3 – Challenge 2

The aim of the challenge is to get through all of the exercises and repetitions in ANY order and in any rep numbers as quickly as you can. Keep track of reps and set that clock! Equipment ›› Stopwatch ›› Paper/pen ›› BB ›› DB ›› Weighted plate ›› Box or chair ››  Mat Before commencing, roughly draw up a table […]