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Train Like a Pro: Steps to Starting Your Own Personal Training Business

So, you’ve been thinking about becoming a personal trainer… how hard can it actually be, right? You’re already physically fit, people are already asking you for tips and tidbit on how you got your body to look the way that it does, plus, it’s a true passion of yours, so why not profit off of […]

7 Life-Changing Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Older People

As a nation, we’re getting older. Studies estimate that nearly one in five U.S. residents is expected to be age 65 or older by 2030. But just because we’re getting older, doesn’t mean that we have to feel older. Our aging population faces unique challenges. Many changes take place as we get older: our muscles, […]

10 new ‘super foods’ for 2014 – Are they worth the hype?

Chlorella What is it? “Chlorella is the top chlorophyll-containing food on Earth, with 10 per cent chlorophyll, which is 40 times higher than wheatgrass juice,” says Wolfe. It’s basically a single-cell green, water-grown algae. What do you do with it? “Take chlorella to detoxify the brain and the liver while also improving your immune system […]