Amazing Abs

Alexa Towersey’s resistance training workout
Resistance training targets the full body with particular emphasis on the posterior chain and core
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How to make the most of beach circuits and boot camps
Take a breather from the gym and head outdoors for a beach circuit of boot camp in the…
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Strength building core finisher workout
A strong core will support everything else you do, but when most people think of core they think of sit ups, when really you could try ab wheels or other equipment…
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Jenna Douros’ HIIT workout sampler
Designed to get your heart rate high and burn max calories this HIIT circuit by Jenna…
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The benefits of strength sets and powerful performance
What difference does heavy lifting make to your workouts? Here, we take a look at the…
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Top exercises to sculpt a strong core
WH&F Head Trainer Alexa Towersey knows a thing or two about building a strong set of…
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How to sculpt your core
Learn how to sculpt your core with these expert insights. Katelyn Swallow writes. The…
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Strengthening shoulder workout
For all the girls carrying the world on their shoulders, Karey Northington provides an epic upper…
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How to measure your strength progression
Strength progression is all about how much weight you can lift, over a certain number of…
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How to increase muscle gain
To increase lean muscle mass, progressive overload is essential – here’s how to build up…