Yoga & Pilates

Pia Miller: I combine weights, cardio and Pilates
How does WAG Pia Miller stay in shape? We quiz her on all things health and fitness
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VIDEO: Miranda Kerr's yoga class
Fancy a one-on-one yoga class with Miranda Kerr’s yoga teacher? Look no further...
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Haute hot yoga
Prediction for 2013: Bikram will be overtaken by a haute breed of hot yoga – think breathtaking...
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VIDEO: Barre - the Pilates/yoga hybrid
  Barre is a Pilates/yoga hybrid that encorporates the ballet barre and upbeat music...
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Suspension yoga
Bored of your usual workout? Supension yoga is the next big thing
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Pilates - the beginners' guide
  Always been curious about Pilates but never brave enough to try it? Alice Algie discovers...
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