Challenge your core and work towards a stronger powerhouse with this highly functional, total-body exercise.

This one packs some serious punch, building total body coordination, proprioception, overall mobility, and some serious core and shoulder strength. Holding a weight overhead while moving from a supine to standing position forces the obliques, transverse abdominis and rectus abdominis to engage to stabilise your spine and maintain your balance.


Lie face up on the floor holding a dumbbell in your right hand; extend your arm straight towards the ceiling directly over your shoulder. Looking up at the weight, your right arm remains in this overhead position as you push up into a seated position.

Bend the right knee as you cross the left foot beneath it and push up until you’re resting on your left knee and right foot. Your right arm should still be straight above your shoulder as you continue to push your body upward into a standing position. Lower back down the same way, arm overhead, until you’re lying on the floor and repeat eight times before switching sides.

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