Slendertone System Abs promises to increase ab endurance by 100%, and ab strength by 58%. The question is, does it deliver?

Slendertone System Abs - Women's Health & Fitness

The treatment: Slendertone System Abs

The G.O.: Usng electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), which pulsates through the belt you wear, for 30 minutes a day, it promises to mimic the body’s natural muscle movements. Signals are sent from the pad, which then switch on the nerves that control your muscles, so they contract naturally. You can increase the intensity – and are encouraged to do so every week – for better results. At first, the tingling sensation can feel uncomfortable: yet it’s strangely addictive as you feel your stomach becoming stronger and flatter.

The numbers: Slendertone promises to increase ab endurance by 100 per cent, and ab strength by 58 per cent. More impressively, it is promised that your waist will shrink by up to 3.5 centimetres.

The time frame: Around six weeks of daily 30-minute sessions.

What the expert says: “This doesn’t work immediately,” says personal trainer Edwina Griffin. “You need to do this continually to see any difference. But for the amount of money and energy you’re putting into this, you’d be better off doing some crunches and exercise yourself.”

Cost: $299
Contact details: Slendertone

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