Although you may initially lose weight from fasting, mainly water. You probably won’t be the nicest person to hang around. And once your fast is up, you will be so ravenous; chances are you will binge on the closest form of food around you.

Detoxing helps with weight loss? - Women's Health & Fitness

Make it good

A healthy meal plan including fresh vegetable and fruit juices and regular exercise can have just the same effect, without the added stress. And you are more likely to keep those kilos off.

There are particular beverages or detoxes that “can be useful for some people for short stints for cleansing, weight loss and detoxing. Always check with a healthcare professional if a particular detox protocol is suitable for you”, says nutritionist Zoe Bingley-Pullin.

Want to lose weight? Find out your ideal weight, browse low-fat recipes and choose a healthy eating plan.

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