Problem: Celebratory morning teas

Just when you'd sworn off sugar all day after a sweets blowout last night, there's another cake being served for someone's birthday. In between, there are sweet slices and cheese platters for other special occasions like Melbourne Cup Day and Secretary's Day or Halloween (complete with trick or treating from office to office). Little wonder you find it hard to stick to your healthy food plans!

Waist protection:
• Eat something: Tuck into half of your wholemeal sandwich or a piece of fruit so that people don't think you're judging them by standing there with no food in your hands.
• Say 'I'm going to pop a piece on my desk and have it after lunch,' then bin the piece later when no-one is looking.
• Go halves in a piece of cake with a co-worker.
• Bake some mini low-fat wholegrain blueberry muffins and bring them in so you can join in the celebration guilt free. Your other weight-conscious colleagues will love you for giving them a healthier option.