Be happy being you - How to love yourself while losing weight - Women's Health & Fitness

9. Be happy being you

There is so much emphasis placed on how we look these days, I think it’s easy to forget that looks are just one small aspect of who we are. The fact is, when people know you, they don’t generally think of you as being any particular way physically. They don’t see your dimply thighs or your tuck-shop arms – they just think of you as you! And, my guess is that they think of you as beautiful anyway. So, perhaps it’s time for you to start thinking of yourself in a similar way. Sure, at the moment you are not where you want to be physically – you may even have a fair way to go - but there is so much more to you than your looks. Start focusing on all your wonderfully positive attributes. Remember, who you are is not based on what size your jeans are.

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